We all know about super-foods that nourish us from the inside out. But did you know that when it comes to feeding and protecting our hair Moroccan hair oil has similar properties for your crowning glory? And the great thing is that we can take advantage of this wonderfully rich oil that contains keratin, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants in a number of ways: and that includes using it as a heat protectant.

We’re all guilty of hair abuseMoroccan Oil

Our poor tresses put up with a lot. We constrain it within hair scrunchies, stuff it under hats, blast it with hair dryers… And if that wasn’t enough we then cook it with straighteners and curling irons. Let’s face it, most of us don’t treat our hair very well, but we expect it to be shiny, silky, and beautifully manageable.

Thankfully there’s a solution in the form of argan oil and Moroccan hair products. Strategic use of shampoos, conditioners, masks, and pure oil can protect the delicate shafts of the hair from all the stress we subject our hair to.

Moroccan hair oil not only provides a protective barrier, but it also tames frizziness, improves dryness, smooths coarse hair, and adds a beautiful shine to all hair types.

  • Use on wet and dry hair: You can smooth a few drops through your hair after washing to provide the barrier necessary to protect from heat styling. You can also add it to dry hair for those times it needs a quick going over with the flat irons in between washes, or to tame the odd hair that just refuses to cooperate… It’s also a great oil to use on a daily basis to guard against the elements, such as the wind and the sun.

  • Light, smooth, and smells divine: Moroccan oil is one of the lightest you’ll ever come across. Let’s face it, who wants a heavy, sticky oil coating their hair? Moroccan oil is weightless and provides long-lasting hold without build-up. And the delicate fragrance is rather lovely as well.

  • True food for your hair: The rich ingredients within the oil means that it has a truly transformative effect on damaged hair. In fact, it’s almost miraculous as to how it can calm split ends, infuse moisture back into dry locks, and add a truly noticeable shine to hair of all colors. And, incredibly, it does all this without leaving any greasy or oily residue.

  • Suitable for all hair: Yes, even if it’s colored, permed, Brazilian blow-dried, or just plain unmanageable. That’s because the oil contains only natural ingredients, such as Omega-6 and Omega-9, vitamin E, CQ10, and melatonin that actively add nutrients back into the hair that such treatments strip away.

However, be aware that all argan oil containing hair products are not made equal. The Moroccan Moroccan Oil Hair ProductsGold Series has a well-deserved reputation as the “gold standard of hair care” thanks to the quality of their all-natural ingredients, not to mention an innovative and unique product line that includes Moroccan shampoo, argan oil hair mask, curl cream, and more. 

Using these for your regular hair care ensures that you feed your tresses with the very best quality superfood for hair that’s straight, curly and everything in between. Hair beauty isn’t for the hallowed few, with Moroccan hair products it’s a given for all of us. So, what are you waiting for? Move your luscious locks to the next level by feeding it the nutrients it really needs, and that are contained in the wonderful argan oil-infused range of the Moroccan Gold Series of hair products.