can the cold damage hair

There are lots of perks to this time of the year – cozy fireplaces, Christmas lights, pumpkin spice lattes, and a festive atmosphere. But one aspect of this time of year that is most definitely not a perk is the havoc it can reap on the condition of your hair. We are all used to the effects of hot weather on our hair as it can be very drying and frizz inducing, but cold weather is essentially just as bad. Swapping between the cold, blustery weather outside to the drying heat of indoors is wrecking the condition of your hair, leading to split ends and breakage as the cuticle lifts from the strand. This happens to all hair types, but unfortunately, for those of us with colored or coarse hair it can be even more damaging, and this just isn’t an option if we wish to maintain luscious locks. 

What Can You Do To Protect the Health of Your Hair?

Most of us are used to slathering on thick moisturizer on our faces and hands to prevent the damage-inducing effects of the cold, but many of us are guilty of neglecting our hair. So, what can we do to prevent winter from wrecking your perfect hair game? Here are some simple precautions which you can use to maintain the health of your locks;

1. Reduce the Use of Shampoo

To start, consider how often you need to wash your hair. Frequent shampooing can cause irritated scalp and drying of the strand as they often contain sulfates and other damaging ingredients that strip the hair of its natural oils. Either swap to gentler salt free shampoos or preserve the condition of your hair by using deeply moisturizing or restorative shampoos. 

2. Limit Heat Styling

Limit heat styling as much as possible! Blasts of dry air and direct heat are very damaging to the condition of hair, so if you’re just hanging around the house then try to be content with your hair up in a bun or with its natural waves. If you absolutely have to use heat styling, then consider using a heat protector spray each time you style, as it can help to reduce the damaging effects of hair straighteners and hair dryers. 

3. Take Regular Trips to the Hairdresser

Don’t neglect the regular trims – in order to maintain the luster and life in your locks then you need to get rid of split ends. Don’t be afraid of being strict with your hairdresser if they typically remove too much and that’s not what you want. Tell them you only want a “dusting” instead of a trim to maintain the length that you love. 

4. Use a Nourishing Treatment Mask

Perhaps the most important factor in maintaining the condition of your hair in winter is to commit to weekly treatments to maintain the health and keep it hydrated – using an oil treatment such as a Moroccan oil can protect the hair from the damaging harsh cold of the outdoors in the winter months, as well as leave it fabulously shiny. For an even more intensive infusion of protection, the Moroccan Gold Series treatment mask fortifies hair by hydrating it, but it nourishes each strand of hair and seals split ends to aid in repair and restoration of the hair while preventing further damage. If you want your winter hair to be healthy, manageable and resistant to breakage, then this is the mask for you.