Our crowning glory puts up with a lot. We blast it with heat, tie it in knots, subject it to chemical processes, and abuse it with the odd unhealthy nutrition binge (shock horror!). But despite all of that we often fail to give our hair the same love and attention that we lavish upon our skin. 

However… All is not lost. Because, thankfully, we can easily fix all of this maltreatment with the correct use of a quality hair mask.

5 reasons your tresses love a hair maskArgan Oil Hair Mask

  1. They’re packed with restorative and hydrating ingredients: The best kinds, such as those for dry or damaged hair containing Moroccan hair oil, are specifically formulated to address various hair issues.

  2. They improve the look of the hair: And who doesn’t covet that beautiful shiny look? By replenishing the vital natural products your hair craves it’s possible to recreate that salon-perfect look right from your bathroom.

  3. They make your hair super strong: Something we should constantly be working towards to lessen those fine, flyaway broken ends we all suffer from at one point or another.

  4. They can have an immediate, dramatic effect: Especially in cases where the hair is over-processed and stressed. A hair mask with argan oil is particularly effective in this situation.

  5. They smell great! Beautiful smelling hair is a treat, and when you use such a mask the aromas last way beyond the moment you wash it off.

So what is a hair mask, exactly?Moroccan Hair Mask

Quite simply, a hair mask is a deep-conditioning treatment that does far more than what your daily conditioner can. They’re specifically formulated for particular hair types, and infuse the shafts of each hair with moisture and nutrition to leave your hair soft, glossy, and strong. Using the correct type for your hair can have a truly dramatic effect.

And how do I use one?

We suggest treating the use of a hair mask as a bit of decadent “me time”. After shampooing apply the mask according to the instruction. Most only need to be left on for a few minutes (making them easy to fit into a busy lifestyle once or twice a week). But… If you’re going all out for a pampering session, smooth the mask through your hair, slather on a face mask, take a comfy seat and perhaps indulge in a home pedicure as well.

And if you want to light some scented candles, play your favorite tunes, and maybe pour yourself a glass of something bubbly…? Well, it becomes not simply a body and hair treatment, but one that soothes the soul too.

The Moroccan Gold Series has created a wonderful range of hair masks, each including the very highest quality of argan oil. These treatments genuinely are a cut above the rest. They fortify the hair, nourish and hydrate, as well as effectively repairing and restoring every strand. This Moroccan hair treatment is massively beneficial for all hair types, and the perfect choice for those looking for the ultimate at-home hair treatment.