Hair-washing: How Often Is Too Often?

Frequent washing of the scalp with harsh cleansers can upset your scalp leading to issues such as inflammation. Basically, washing your hair too much can reduce the presence of good microorganisms— letting the bad bacteria take over.

Salt Free Shampoo

Why? Water facilities across the country are adding chlorine to household water in order to control harmful bacteria that may live in it; therefore, water itself is a damaging fluid that causes hair to swell and hair follicles to open. When hair is wet it also loses strength, brushing your hair after a shower causes a much higher risk of breakage.

Most hair specialists recommend gently cleansing your scalp two to three times per week to assist in the removal of excess oils and dirt. Gently— meaning with salt free shampoos that are comprised without the use of harsh chemicals and sulfates.

If you feel that your hair gets dirty or greasy too quickly and you must wash your hair daily, you're probably using the wrong shampoo for your hair type. Every day is not the answer, finding the right product is.

Moroccan shampoo is suitable for all types or hair. Our salt free shampoo thoroughly cleanses hair as it is designed to remove excess dirt and oils. This unique formula balances the pH level of the scalp leading to less frequent washing. With Moroccan shampoo, you can find the perfect balance between a gentle cleanser and a less frequent Moroccan Oil Hair Maskhair lathering routine.

If your hair seems brittle and lifeless, the solution to your problems may be to stop over-washing and to switch your current product to a salt free line such as Moroccan shampoo. An additional recipe for healthy hair is following your wash with a hydrating Moroccan oil hair mask.

Colored hair and sulfates are not friends.

Sulfates can strip your hair, removing essential oils, and damaging your locks after coloring. Salt free shampoo prevents this deterioration of the hair and is also safer for the skin and scalp causing less irritation, dryness, and allergic reactions.

Filled with vitamins and minerals, Morrocan shampoo gets rid of impurities without stripping the hair. Our salt free shampoo is the solution for color-leak prevention which occurs when harsh products are used on color-treated hair.

Although some hair care companies may label their shampoo bottles as “color safe” there is no such thing because Moroccan oil salt-free shampoothe combination of shampoo and water will fade your chemical process naturally. However, sulfate free shampoo will do significantly less damage to bleached or dyed hair. Morrocan shampoo makes sure the cleaning process is mild enough to preserve color longer.

It’s wise to invest your money in luxury performance. Morrocan Gold Series salt free shampoo hair product cares for the color of your hair. We want to keep your hair color from fading in between salon visits, it’s only fair. Our quality will keep your hair color vibrant with a youthful appearance that lasts.

The secret formula— wash less frequently and more kindly, your hair’s health and color will appreciate it.