Methods For ApplicationArgan Oil Hair Mask

There are numerous types of products containing argan oil on the market today from shampoos to sprays and argan oil hair masks. The method of application, as well as the products of choice, should be dependant upon the treatment you’re seeking from the oil. For instance, a few drops of argan oil can be used to combat dandruff, dry skin, and frizz. If the case of dryness isn’t so severe, conditioners containing argan oil can be used during a shower. However, gently rubbing a few drops of argan oil into the scalp can replace your natural oils with nourishing vitamins to help the hair stay shiny and voluminous. Just a small bit of oil goes a very long way, so it’s recommended to use drops of argan oil just a few times a week to prevent grease accumulation.

The other most popular method of including this precious oil into your haircare routine would be to use an argan oil hair mask. Mainly used as a restorative measure for weakened or damaged hair, the application of a hair mask is fairly easy with a decent level of patience. Simply apply 6-8 drops of your argan oil hair mask to your roots and comb the oil throughout your hair. Massage the oil into every inch of the scalp, then cover your hair with a shower cap to retain heat. After leaving the oil intact for a night, rinse your hair with shampoo thoroughly, and consider skipping conditioner if your hair is on the fine side. As far as product selection goes, the leave-in mask formula by Moroccan Gold series is an argan oil treatment that can be used as an effective hair mask about 2-4 times a month.

Why Potency Matters

When it comes to selecting the best argan oil hair products, there are many brands available with a range of different claims regarding effectiveness. While most brands aren’t exactly lying about the ingredients contained in their bottles, they may be Argan Oil Hair Productsexaggerating the benefits or potency of the formula. It’s important to factor in just how much argan oil is present in the product you decide to choose because some companies claim argan oil is the main ingredient when, in fact, it’s not. The reason it’s easy to get away with these kinds of over-hyped claims is that such a small amount of argan oil goes such a long way.

Moroccan Gold Series argan oil products come in a variety of applications such as overnight masks, styling creams, and salt-free shampoo. Harvested from argan trees found in Morrocco, this line of hair care products infuse 100% pure argan oil, without substitutes or alternative forms to deliver the fatty acids and regenerative properties only argan oil can provide. Moroccan Gold Series argan oil can even help reverse the appearance of hair aging by adding antioxidants such as Vitamin E to the integrity of the hair. As you can tell, applying argan oil isn’t at all so difficult, the hard part will be resisting using this luxurious oil too much each week.