Curly Hair Care Routine

Tumbling curls are the epitome of beautiful hair. Yet, as those blessed with curly locks know all too well, bad hair days come around way too often. The key to gorgeous tresses is to ensure its robust health—something that can be achieved with a careful hair regime and the use of some strategic products.

Integrate the following into your routine to boast curls so healthy that you’ll be the envy of your friends, not to mention people clamoring to discover exactly what your secret is.

  • Keep split ends at bay with regular trims: No matter the length, curly hair needs to have its rogue ends tamed every six to eight weeks. 

  •  Bin the hairbrush: Yep, toss it in the trash because curly-haired beauties should only ever use a wide-toothed comb. This is because of the fragility of every spiral, and dragging a brush through it places way too much stress on the strands, causing breakage that increases that dreaded frizz. When you comb your hair, always start at the bottom and work upwards to gently tease away tangles.

  • Use a diffuser when drying: Curly hair loves being dried with a diffuser attachment. Gently drying in such a manner reduces frizz dramatically (just be sure to use a heat protectant when you do so).

  • Choose the right styling products: There’s a myriad on the market, but none is better than the curl cream from the Moroccan Gold Series. Light and powerful, it works by rebuilding curls from the roots to the ends, sealing in natural moisture and eliminating frizz. 

  • Don’t overdo product use: This is especially important if your hair’s starting to look a little dry or dull. It can be tempting to use tons of products to combat this, however, this only exacerbates the problem. Instead, apply a conditioning oil to the ends to help define them.  Moroccan oil is a great choice, as it’s light enough not to weigh the hair down, yet its hydrating properties add oodles of moisture, definition, and shine.

  • Protect your hair while you sleep: Gently tie your hair overnight, gathering it at the top of your head (yes, you’ll look like a pineapple!). This helps protect the pattern of your spirals overnight, meaning they retain their shape ready for when you set it free come the morning.

  • Consider using a curling iron: But only with caution, as too much direct heat will only increase frizz over time. Use one that’s around the same diameter as your natural curl for a great pick-me-up between washes.

Moroccan oil hair products are a wonderful choice to help keep tumbling curls in tip-top condition. Moroccan Curl Cream is, once tried, the go-to styling product that those with beautiful corkscrews swear by. Of course, your choice of shampoo and conditioner also needs careful consideration, and the Moroccan Gold Series has you covered with salt-free shampoo and a treatment mask that’ll turn even the frizziest of mops into the defined spirals you yearn for.