How To Maintain Healthy Hair

Brittle hair that’s breaking and needs some repair? We’ve got the answers and all kinds of advice. Before we get into all the products that will lead to healthy hair, let’s focus on nutrition for a moment. Your diet and vitamins are vital for healthy hair, both iron and proteins are key components for strong locks that are radiantly shiny. The cells that build your hair are one of the fastest growing within the body; however, they are also heavily affected if you don't eat right.

A Few Basic TipsMoroccan Oil Argan Oil

Beat the heat— both indoors with your straightening iron and outdoors with the UV rays. If your eyes can’t stare into the sun, your hair shouldn’t stand under it without protection either. There are many ways to style your hair without the help of a dryer, straightener or curler but we all know sometimes we can’t avoid it, if that’s the case, always use a heat protectant. Apply Moroccan oil before blow-drying hair to protect it from heat damage and prevent frizzing afterwards. If you don’t plan on using heat tools on your hair, Moroccan oil will be beneficial anyways. It will protect your locks from the UV rays, moisturize and strengthen the hair.

No salt bae— especially not if your hair is color-treated. Most shampoos contain sulfates to deeply lather and clean your hair to remove dirt; however, it’s too harsh. Sulfates strip your hair of essential oils, sting your eyes and irritate the scalp. Salt-free moroccan shampoo does not contain sulfate and still does the job. In fact, it goes above and beyond by thoroughly cleansing the hair and balancing pH levels of the scalp to moisturize, nourish, and repair.Moroccan Shampoo

Treat it— conditioning your hair after every wash is important but nothing beats a deep conditioning treatment. Once a week is the perfect timing to give your hair a little extra love and it only takes five minutes. Moroccan argan oil hair mask is made to work harder than your everyday conditioner to fortify hair with hydration, seal split ends for repair, and strengthen hair to resist breakage.


Moroccan Argan oil hair products contain the nutrients your hair needs. If you don’t like to eat them, at least you can still feed your hair with this line. Enriched with Omega-6 and Omega-9, vitamin E, and CoQ10, Argan oil hair products support hydrated hair, reduce damage, fortify hair, reduce frizz, and add shine. These products are designed to maintain your hair vitalized and prevent aging and breaking while giving it a touch of shine.

Creating a routine for you hair is just as essential as any other. Our Moroccan shampoo that is salt-free and our Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment Mask are the first two steps to happy, healthy hair. After using our line, you’ll want to try the rest of our line. All of our Moroccan hair products work together to achieve optimal results. Your locks will look good and feel great.

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