Argan Oil Shampoo

Above all, tender love and care toward your hair will be the main preserver of smoothness and strength. The more heat tools that are used to work the hair over the years, the more the integrity of the hair will break down. The precious cuticle layer of the hair must be consistently rejuvenated and protected in order to provide a smooth feel and appearance. Revitalizing the delicate outside layer can be achieved with an argan oil hair mask aside from your average conditioner. After years of heating, manipulating, and dying your hair, the composition of each strand will weaken, resulting in a worn-out look. Whether the damage has already been built up or not, one way to be a bit more gentle with your hair is to replace your post-shower towel with a cotton t-shirt. By patting your hair dry instead of scrubbing it dry, you’ll reduce frizz and retain moisture. Covering your hair overnight in a wrap after applying an argan oil hair mask works very well to maintain hydration into the following morning.

Another form of TLC should come during the brushing and shampoo stages of your routine. Too many people are applying too much shampoo to their hair, often times with the intention of cleansing the hair of excess oils. While we do want to get rid of some nasty oils that have built up bacteria from outside, it’s important to understand that the natural oils your hair produces are critical for hair health. Applying too much shampoo (especially shampoos containing chemicals) effectively strips away many of the sensitive oils your hair needs for strength. That means, don’t apply too much shampoo per session and don’t apply too much shampoo per month as well. Instead, consider utilizing an argan oil hair mask in place of your normal conditioner, while cutting down the number of shampoos you apply each month. Lastly, brushing too harshly can cause damage to your hair follicles, so it’s recommended to use a comb when your hair is wet, and a brush when your hair is dry.

Healthy FatsArgan Oil Hair Products

While it may seem a bit unintuitive to consider your diet as a huge variable for hair quality, what we eat actually has an enormous effect on the appearance of our hair. Healthy, nourished hair will reflect light more visibly as antioxidants and healthy fats will hydrate each strand. Any food source or dietary supplement rich in Omega-3 such as avocados, salmon, or certain tree nuts are great examples of healthy fatty acids. Likewise, antioxidant-rich argan oil hair products are the next best way to implement a level of nutrition into your haircare. If you aren’t getting your vitamin E or B through your diet, it’s important to apply products which contain them in order to fuse their benefits into your scalp. Argan oil hair products containing keratin allow for advanced moisturization while strengthening the hair to become resistant toward future damage. Adding elements to your hair which increase its health ultimately affect the appearance in positive ways no matter what. We hope this article has been helpful as well as inspiring because struggling to make your hair softer is now a thing of the past.