Hair and mood

Ever get that sinking feeling when your hair simply won’t do what it’s supposed to? Well, you’re certainly not alone. A recent survey by a leading haircare brand showed that nearly 80% of women said their mood was influenced by their hair. Even psychologists agree that there’s a link between bad hair days and our self-esteem.

Guys aren’t exempt either, with a survey carried out by Dove showing that they too face the misery of unruly locks.

But why exactly do we care so much about how our hair looks? Is it purely vanity (surely not), or is it something more deeply rooted within the human psyche?

The following discusses some of the reasons the state of our tresses have such a big impact on how we feel…

First Impressions

Like it or not, we all make snap first impressions when we meet someone. The face plays a huge role in how we perceive a person and hair plays a massive part in this. The state of a person’s hair is one of the top three aspects that we subconsciously scrutinize when we make those vital first judgments of a person. 


Throughout history, hair has symbolized beauty, power, and status. Samson’s hair was the source of his strength: for women, it’s a symbol of femininity. Stereotyping aside, changing your hairstyle or color is a small yet powerful way we can easily re-assert control over our lives. You only need to consider how often people go for a new look after a life-changing event to realize how true this is.


Quite simply, it’s hard to feel great about yourself if your hair isn’t right. Fab hair allows us to portray an air of confidence to the world—we can control our hair through styling or change our look with a new style or color. Looking good on the outside has a direct impact on how we feel on the inside.

Health, Hair, And Aging

We naturally associate a good head of hair with robust health. As we age one of the easiest ways to enhance our looks is with our hair. Wrinkles may appear, our health might deteriorate, but our hair is one thing that most of us can control without taking any radical (or expensive) steps to hold back the years.

The key to having the best hair days is down to its condition. This is strongly influenced by our choice of shampoo, conditioner, and styling aids. The power of Moroccan oil hair products can go a long way to helping keep those beautiful locks shining day after day. From reducing frizz to holding those bouncing curls, products such as their salt-free shampoo and Moroccan hair oil are the go-to staples of those who effortlessly sport great locks.

The high you get from knowing your hair looks fabulous knows no bounds. Use the right products, be kind to your locks, and not only will you look great on the outside but you’ll feel great too. And, most importantly, stack the odds in your favor that today is going to be a great hair day…