Our hair puts up with a lot. From heat styling to chemicals that color, straighten, and curl, most of us are guilty of hair abuse on an infinite scale. Yet we still expect it to be glossy, shiny, and strong.

But unhealthy hair doesn’t just occur overnight; It creeps up over an extended period. One minute you’re rockin’ the look like a boss—the next you’re paying mucho bucks to repair tresses you’d rather keep under your hat!

The key to preventing this is to regularly assess your hair for good health, allowing you pick up on the telltale signs that your hair’s on a downward spiral. The following are key indicators that your hair is crying out for some TLC. But the good news is that once spotted there are easy measures that’ll soon set your locks on the road to recovery.

1. You Need Masses Of Oil To Create A Shine

When the cuticles of each hair shaft are lying flat they catch the light and reflect it with an amazingly glossy sheen. Damaged hair, on the other hand, appears flat and dull. And sure, covering it in oil might bring back the shine for a while. But it’s not addressing the real reason for that fading shimmer.

2. Your Hair Doesn’t Move When You Do

In other words, the natural bounce and movement of your locks have diminished. Healthy hair bounces, waves, and moves in tandem with you. Damaged hair simply ain’t got that swagger.

3. You’re Shedding More Than Usual

While it’s normal to shed around 50-100 hairs per day, anything more than this over an extended period is indicative of poor hair health. There are many reasons for this, but some of the most common include harsh hair care products, over-styling, and styles that pull on the hair.

4. You Notice Split Ends Or Broken Hair Strandsmoroccan oil treatment for damaged hair

Healthy hair has an element of elasticity. When it’s pulled (gently) it stretches and rebounds. Hair under stress won’t do that. Instead, it breaks or frays. 

5. Your Hair Feels Dry

When you run your hands through your hair it shouldn’t feel brittle. Damaged hair has a dryness about it, making it more prone to tangles and feeling stiff. Healthy hair, on the other hand, feels soft, smooth, and manageable.

Healthy Hair Needn’t Cost The Earth…

… Thankfully. It’s all a case of discovering the right products. And that’s where an affordable, high-quality range such as the Moroccan Gold Series comes into its own. The miracle of argan oil (a key component of all their products and often called Moroccan hair oil) is, quite simply, the pinnacle of natural products for restoring hair to its former glory. For tresses showing any level of stress, treating with a Moroccan oil hair mask provides an immediate rescue remedy.

The best quality Moroccan hair treatment has long been used by industry professionals, simply because it’s the ultimate method of ensuring the longevity of healthy hair. The Moroccan Gold Series brings the highest salon-quality to your bathroom, allowing you to treat your hair regularly to ensure it remains in the very best of health.