Becoming someone else for a night is fun and games until it comes time to once again be yourself. Paint, glue and fake blood take a toll on skin and hair leaving your body in need of a little pampering. At Moroccan Gold Series, we have the products you need to remove Halloween make-up and restore hair back to its natural shine.

Remove Halloween Hair Dye

Moroccan Gold Series Hair Products

You've been working out every day to get toned for that Harley Quinn costume and you nailed it. Only problem: how to remove her signature red and blue hues from your hair. Jump in the shower and let warm to hot water desaturate the dye. It will remove any color that has yet to stick to strands and open up the hair's follicles. Apply Moroccan Gold Series' Salt-Free Shampoo and work into the hair from scalp to end. Massage into hair for at least 3-minutes to ensure each strand is covered thoroughly. This salt-free shampoo balances the scalp's PH level to remove dirt and debris while protecting hair's natural structure. Meanwhile, argan oil and keratin actively nourish hair to repair any damage left by Halloween hair dyes.

Mask Hair in Natural Hair Repair

Once the shampoo has cleansed the hair of dyes, repairing any damage done by dyes is crucial. Apply Moroccan Gold Series Hair Mask Treatment to hair and let it soak in for 5-minutes before rinsing. Hair is left rejuvenated with a protective, moisturizing coat for shine and manageability.

Dry, Style and Go!

Have one more Halloween party to attend before the clock strikes midnight? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Apply a dab of Moroccan Gold Series Moisturizing Style Cream to damp hair and style as desired. This serum protects hair to control frizz with an ultra-smooth finish that glows in the moonlight. 

Happy haunting everyone!