hair mask in hair

What is a Hair Mask?

Most of us are familiar with face masks and how they benefit stressed-out skin in order to improve its health and condition. Well, it’s not much different to how a hair mask can help to transform hair which has been damaged through over-processing, heat-styling, and the changing weather. Also known as deep conditioning treatments or intensive conditioners, they exist to nourish, and repair damage caused over time in order to restore vitality and lustre to your locks. They’re essentially pretty much a high-powered hair conditioner; instead of just sitting on the surface of a strand, they work their magic way inside the cuticle, helping to improve shine and manageability.

Generally speaking, the benefits of a hair mask include improved shine, moisture and strength, as well as reduced breakage and less frizz. Your scalp can also benefit from a good hair mask, leading to a possible increase in the rate of hair growth. Most masks are treatments which are formulated with nourishing ingredients such as oils and butters and therefore provide more of a transformative effect after a single use than regular shampoo and conditioners.

Why a Hair Mask is Different From Regular Conditioner

When using a hair mask, you wash your hair as normal and then apply the hair mask instead of conditioner. Leave it on for the desired length of time and then rinse! Pretty simple! Surprisingly, a lot of people presume that you can get the same benefits from an ordinary conditioner as you can from a hair mask if you leave it on long enough, but truthfully the effects are entirely different. Whereas a regular instant conditioner can smooth over damage to temporarily disguise it, a hair mask can help to repair it from the inside of the strand out. 

Also, in comparison to regular conditioners, hair masks contain considerably more diverse and concentrated doses of ingredients and should be left on the hair for a longer period of time – anywhere in the time region of 20 minutes to overnight. The longer you leave it on, the more your hair can benefit. 

Not All Hair Masks Are Created Equal

The truth about hair masks is that they are not all created equal and therefore the advantages that your hair can receive from one depends on its specific needs, as well as the ingredients in the mask. When choosing a hair mask to incorporate into your regular hair care routine, you need to consider the demands of your hair and whether any old hair mask off the shelf can accommodate them. Is your hair dry or wavy/curly? Because if so, then it is likely going to need an intensely moisturising mask such as the Moroccan Gold Series treatment mask. This incredible mask contains Moroccan oil and therefore nourishes each strand in order to repair and restore damaged hair. It hydrates and revitalises, creating silky soft and flexible hair with incredible shine. Wash, treat, and repeat regularly in order to give your hair the nourishment it deserves. It will thank you with beautiful hydration and shine!