Salt certainly gets a bad rap. From how much we eat to shampoos and conditioners that wreck our hair, this widely used product is something we need to reduce in all areas of our lives.

When it comes to hair care it appears that simply purchasing products that are labeled hair-friendly isn't the simple fix for our crowning glory that we’d like it to be. So let’s delve into the ugly truth about the use of salt in shampoos and how to ensure that the simple act of washing your hair doesn’t do more harm than good.

Salt-Free Shampoos: The basics 

·      Sodium chloride: the chemical name for salt

·      Why is there salt in shampoo?

·      Is salt-free better?

Sodium chloride: the chemical name for salt

You’ll often see hair products labeled as sodium-free. This is simply the chemical name for common table salt. Yep, the same as you pour on your food… You certainly wouldn’t empty a shaker-full of the stuff over your head, so why on earth would you want it to be in your shampoo?

Salt attracts water and therefore draws moisture from your hair. Yep—when there’s salt in your hair product it effectively dries your hair out, much in the same way that when you eat salty foods you feel thirsty.

For those with dry, curly, or treated hair in particular, this is exactly the opposite of what you want to happen when you wash your hair.

Why is there salt in shampoo?

The simple answer is because it makes shampoo feel thicker. When combined with sulfate surfactants it makes it creamier. For manufacturers, the use of salt is one of the cheapest ways to make shampoo feel nice when you use it and help create that lather of soft foam you associate with washing your hair.

Is salt-free better?

Using the right salt-free shampoo is, indeed, a good option. Salt within a shampoo is harsh on the hair, even though there might be other products in the blend that coat the hair so it initially feels soft.

The Truth About Salt-Free Shampoos: Inequalities and misleading labels 

·      Demystifying the blurb: discover the truth about salt-free shampoos

Demystifying the blurb: discover the truth about salt-free shampoos 

Salt-free is a buzz-word right now, but those sneaky manufacturers are rightly aware that they can still bamboozle us with labeling. Sulfate-free, paraben-free, etc. all sound great, but in many cases, you’ll still find that there’s salt in the mix.

When it comes to finding a genuine salt-free shampoo then you need to search the list of ingredients (yes, that one in tiny lettering on the back) to make sure there’s no mention of sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), or anything else beginning with the word sodium.

While salt-free shampoos are more expensive than the run-of-the-mill varieties you can buy in the drug store, they are so, so worth it… Such products gently cleanse the hair, help it retain its natural moisture, and—most importantly—leave you with silky soft and shiny locks. 

Find one with natural ingredients that also balance the pH level of the hair and you truly have discovered a winning formula…! 

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