brushing hair

If ever there was a resolution worth making, it’s that of making 2020 the year your hair becomes your true crowning glory. Healthy tresses are something we all want, and with a little TLC, patience, and a few tweaks to your beauty regime, the following “rules” are all you need for a beautiful shiny head of hair.

  1. Wash your hair like a pro: Who doesn’t love having their hair washed when visiting the salon? They soak your hair, shampoo, lather right from the scalp to ends, rinse, and repeat. Then they add conditioner and give you a scalp massage, before a last, thorough, rinse. Copy this when you wash your hair at home and you’ll soon begin to reap the benefits.

  2. Pick your products with care: Cheap shampoos might seem like a good deal, but they’re packed full of sulfates and chemicals, none of which are conducive to healthy shiny hair. Choose products that are free from parabens and sulfates, and once in a while wash your hair using a simple apple cider vinegar to help restore the natural pH level of the scalp.

  3. Embrace the wonder of vitamin E: Massage vitamin E (you can express it from oral capsules) into your hair and scalp once a week before washing. It hydrates and nourishes, leading to stronger strands and that sought after healthy shine.

  4. Get a good leave-in conditioner: One that’s specifically designed to remain in the hair for an extended period. This is especially valid for those with curly or long hair where the natural hair oils often fail to make it right down to the ends.

  5. Always, always use a heat protector: Whether you blow-dry, use a flat iron, curler, or are exposed to the sun. Heat is the enemy, and constantly using styling aids (yes, we’re all guilty) is the fastest shine-killer of all…

  6. Use argan oil: As a finishing treatment, rather than shimmering spray. These sprays often contain harmful hair products (such as mica) that’ll give you a short-lived sheen but ruin the continuity of the hair shaft over time—therefore actively reducing the softness and shine you’re desperate to gain. Instead, opt for a quality Moroccan oil, such as that from the Moroccan Gold Series, that contains the very highest quality of argan oil that not only makes your hair gleam at the time but improves its texture the longer you use it.

  7. Care for your hair as you sleep: A silk pillowcase can work wonders in reducing the friction that occurs with other materials. It can help prevent breakage that happens as you move around in your sleep.

Remember, there’s no short cut to beautiful hair. But give it the necessary TLC and over a few short weeks or months, you’ll be rockin’ the healthy look you desire. Natural hair products that are free of chemicals and harmful elements are crucial to the on-going health of your hair. Committing to using these, plus a few tweaks to how you look after locks will be the best present you can give to yourself this New Year. Shine on, 2020, and hold your head high…