5 Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Care Products

5 Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Care Products

We all crave luscious, healthy hair, but achieving it can be difficult. Argan oil was introduced as a solution to multiple hair problems, from dandruff to frizz. The special oil was created in Morocco and has been used by Moroccan women for centuries. Recently, the introduction of argan oil products in the United States has become increasingly popular, with big brand companies releasing lines that claim to include argan oil. Unfortunately, as many would come to find out, the oil used in these products was either a copy cat version or the company didn’t use enough of it to make a difference. This resulted in greasy, oily hair that was anything but desirable.


Due to this, and the chemical smell that often came with original argan oil hair products, Moroccan Gold Series was created. These products not only feature 100 percent argan oil, but they are also extracted straight from Morocco, in the traditional way that prevents the oil from being tainted. By preserving the oil this way, the Moroccan argan oil is able to be easily created into top hair care products like salt free shampoo, moisturizing style cream, argan oil curl cream, and more. 


So what, exactly, is argan oil’s secret? The oil is a blend of antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins that mix together to enhance hair growth, smooth frizz, and moisturize the hair and scalp. The oil can be used on dry hair, air-dyed roots, or hair that is often touched by hot tools. And since we all have different hair—and different hair woes—it’s comforting to know that this one oil can help all of us: whether we want a fuller head of hair or just want to maintain the thick, unmanageable hair we already have.


The benefits are fulsome, but here are five of the most popular reasons for using argan oil hair products.


Nourishes & Moisturizes

There are many hair products that promise smoother, shinier hair. And while their promise may ring true, they often leave the hair feeling heavy and greasy, requiring another wash sooner than you hoped. With Moroccan Gold Series Argan Oil, you only need one drop of oil to make the hair smooth. That one drop immediately blends into your hair without any of the weight, nourishing split ends and softening the hair as it dries.


Moroccan Gold Series also has a Moisturizing Style Cream for those who want even extra moisture. Enriched with Kertain, this argan oil product is meant to be left in: just apply a small amount to either damp or dry hair and blow dry or simply air dry.


Prevents Frizz

Are you cursed with constant frizz that you just can’t seem to tame? Put the hairspray away and instead, pick up a bottle of argan oil hair product. Luckily, any product you choose in the Moroccan hair product line will have the added benefit of reducing frizz, but to really get the full frizz-free effect, use the oil while blow-drying or add a dollop to the hair after it is styled. It will keep your frizz from popping up, no matter how high the humidity is.


If your frizz-prone hair is also super curly, consider an argan oil made for curls. The curl cream is part of the Moroccan hair product line and is created specifically with curly-haired women in mind. The keratin and oil mix will restore curls while simultaneously reducing frizz and adding moisture.



If you avoid washing your hair due to the aftermath of having to detangle and brush until your scalp burns, it’s probably time for a new hair product. One of the biggest benefits of argan oil is the ability to seamlessly detangle hair without requiring pulling and tearing from your hair brush. For easier maintenance, try the Moroccan Gold Series Leave in Mask. Not only does the mask leave your hair smooth, revitalized and easier to style, it also detangles without the need for a hair wash. Leave it in until your next shower and it will protect your hair from getting tangled or being hit by harsh elements that could damage it.


Slows Aging

We are often worried about our skin aging, but did you know that our hair is constantly aging, too? Not only does our natural color begin to fade as we get older, but our hair also begins to thin, turn brittle and lose its shine. Argan oil hair products combat this, combining the right amount of antioxidants needed to slow the aging process of hair.


If thinning hair is your biggest concern, try the Volumizing Moisture Mask, made with wheat, keratin components and argan oil. These three elements combine to thicken the hair while also adding softness and shine. Put this mask on after washing hair, apply generously and massage into scalp, wait 5-7 minutes, rinse, and viola! Your hair will look 10 years younger. 


Protects Against Heat

We do so many things to our hair to make it beautiful: straightening, blow drying, highlighting, dying. But while these things make our hair look its’ best, it also hurts our natural follicles, preventing growth, shine and volume. Many hair products protect your hair from everyday hot tools, but argan oil goes a step further. Not only does it help already damaged hair find its’ original luster, it also protects the hair from natural damage, like climate change and water, which can have a greater effect on overall hair health than anything else.


If you get chemical treatments, like keratin, perms, or straightening treatments, use hot tools daily, dye or highlight your hair, travel often, or live in an area of constant weather change, you need to protect your hair. The Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask conquers all of these hair woes, providing rejuvenated hair free from damage in just 5-7 minutes.


No matter your hair troubles, you will find the right solution with Moroccan hair products. For more available products, or more info about what argan oil can do for your hair, visit Moroccan Gold Series.

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