Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

It can be hard to recognize an aging hairstyle on yourself than on others. You can feel content with your current look without knowing that it tends to make you look older. 

Finding the right hairdo and color can transform your image and take at least five years off your age. Of course, the right style will be unique for everyone—the shape of your face, your bone structure, as well as your personality. But there are basic hair mistakes to avoid if you'd like to look younger. Let's take a look at some of them.

Ignoring Dull Hair

Coarse hair that has lost its shimmer can be taken as a reflection of your deteriorating body—if not your habits. Although your hair becomes drier and more brittle as you age, you can keep your strands healthy through deep moisturizing treatments and hair oils. Condition your hair or apply a hair mask once a week. Also, remember to get frequent trims to get rid of split-ends.

Retaining the Same Hairdo

If you've been holding on to the same look for a decade or more—say bad, stripy highlights with an over-layered cut, it's time to try something fresh. Ask your stylist to update your style and color to give your face a more modern appeal.

Going Gray without a Plan 

When you grow more gray strands than your naturally dark hair, the former's texture may be drier and wirier than your original hair color. You can consult your stylist to assess the health of your strands. If you want to embrace your graying and natural white hair, you can choose to highlight your hair with silver and metallic shades.

Steer clear of products like mousse and hair spray with alcohol content, which can dry your already fragile gray hair. Let your hair air-dry and reduce blow-drying and avoid using flat or curling irons.

Wrong Length

Stylists consider your hair has gone too long if it has reached your ribs. Long, stick-straight hair can pull your facial features down and bring focus to the facial lines you'd like to hide.

Meanwhile, shorter haircuts like close crops or having nearly shaven heads can make you look older too as they can direct other people's gaze to the fine lines, bone structure, and any skin discoloration on your face. A Chelsea cut featuring a shaved back and longer bangs may draw attention to the aging skin on the neck among older women. Meanwhile, mature women with thinning hair should avoid a short, spiky cut. 

Your hairdresser or stylist should be able to recommend a length that suits your face shape. Experts recommend keeping your hair healthy so you can sport a neck to shoulder-length bob even in your 50s and beyond.

Single Length

Straight single-length hair can draw attention to fine lines and a receding hairline. You can improve your look with subtle layering, especially when your hair is thinning. Aside from adding volume, this softens the face, which looks more angular—instead of plump—as you age.

A haircut with bangs can make your hair look thicker and even frame your eyes or brows. Side-swept bangs can lift your cheekbones stronger and make your face a bit rounder. Avoid a heavy-looking blunt chop, which can make your eyes look smaller. If you have a wide face, choose soft layers that won't emphasize the width of your face.

Too Dark

If you have fair skin, dyeing your hair solid black or brown to cover gray strands can look harsh and cast shadows on your face. This will emphasize any emerging fine lines. It can also make thinning hair more visible. 

Lighter hair looks more youthful on all skin tones as it produces a gentler look and brighter complexion. Pick softer tones—such as chestnut, caramel, and light coffee colors—or multi-tonal shades. If you're in your 30s and older, avoid coloring your hair with the same shade you used in your 20s or younger. The color should be a shade or two lighter than your base color.

Not Changing Your Hair Part

Constantly parting your hair straight down in the middle or on a particular side is another hair mistake that can age you. Depending on the shape of your face, consider changing where you part your hair now and then. A soft irregular part will also help.

Pulling Up Your Hair Regularly

Tying your hair in a bun high up on your head or a tight ponytail in the middle back can bring others' attention to the imperfections on your face. Try a loose and low ponytail on the side instead. 

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