How does Argan Oil Improve Your Hair?

How does Argan Oil Improve Your Hair?

Kissably-soft, beautiful hair doesn’t happen by chance. OK, so some people are blessed with hair that naturally remains in gorgeous condition. But even those lucky souls need to infuse their locks with a little TLC. For the rest of us mere mortals, it’s more of a strategic action plan—one that’s best addressed by using the right hair products.  

Luckily, the wonder that is argan oil is a product that improves the look and feel of virtually every hair type there is. If you’ve yet to be converted, then read on… 

Argan Oil for Hair: Everything you need to know 

·      What is argan oil for hair?

·      The benefits of using argan oil

What is argan oil for hair? 

Argan oil is derived from the kernels of the native Moroccan argan tree. It’s a rich source of vitamin E, Omega-6 and Omega-9, CoQ10, melatonin, and plant sterols—the exact combination your locks crave to grow healthily, stay beautifully hydrated, and remain soft and manageable, no matter what the elements throw at it. 

If that wasn’t enough, argan oil also has amazing anti-aging effects and great restorative properties.  

While the tree grows in various locations in Morocco and other countries in North Africa, the ultimate argan oil comes from trees located in the sunny Sous Valley. 

The benefits of using argan oil

The benefits are many—in fact, once discovered, you’ll be seduced by its often miraculous effect on your crowning glory.

These include:

Increasing the elasticity of hair

Reducing frizz and dryness

Helps prevent splitting and breakage

Protects against heat styling

Nourishes and detangles hair

Smooths frayed hair shafts and seals split ends

Creates a wonderful shine

Reduces scalp inflammation and dandruff

Protects against the elements and environmental damage

Promotes healthy hair growth

How to Use Argan Oil 

·      Argan oil shampoo and other products

Argan oil shampoo and other products

Many different hair products that contain argan oil. From hydrating shampoo to pure oil itself, it’s simplicity itself to include the wonders of argan oil into your hair care regime.

Argan oil shampoo: Choose a salt-free option that will nourish the hair, balance the pH level, and help repair damage as it cleans

Argan oil treatment masks: The ultimate way to seal in moisture, provide heat protection, repair split ends, and nourish the hair shaft from root to tip

Leave-in moisturizing cream: A great styling product that minimizes frizz, keeps hair healthy, hydrated, and helps accentuate beautiful hair definition

Pure argan oil: Perhaps the ultimate hair accessory, and one no self-assured girl (or guy) should be without. Argan oil is the world’s best detangler, smoothing each hair shaft for amazing shine and manageability. It also acts as immediate first aid for damaged hair, rehabilitating it, adding moisture, sealing split ends, and reducing frizz—all without adding an oily or greasy residue. Once tried, it’s a hair product that you’ll never be without…

The Moroccan Gold Series: The Ultimate Argan Oil Hair Products 

When it comes to choosing hair products that contain argan oil it’s vital to know that they’re not all made equal! One thing to look for is the amount of oil contained in a product, it’s purity, and the other ingredients. The last thing you want is a product that masquerades as offering the many benefits of argan oil, but in reality, contains very little of this magical ingredient. Even worse are those that contain parabens and phthalates—both commonly-found in lower-grade hair products.

The gold standard of argan oil products is, without a doubt, those offered by the Moroccan Gold Series. This unique, wholly natural, spa-quality line is exactly what you need to infuse your tresses with the wonders of pure, unrefined argan oil.

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