How to Add Volume to Hair

How to Add Volume to Hair

Wondering how to give your naturally thin hair a little volume? From avoiding the wrong products to finding a haircut that works for you, there’s a myriad of ways to breathe life into that flat, straight hair.

You don’t need to have a team of haircare specialists to achieve thick, bouncy hair. All you need is good product, the right tools, and the best advice.

Here, we will show you how to add volume to hair.

Find the right hair cut

One of the simplest ways to give your tresses some volume is to get the right haircut. Don’t be afraid to lose some length. Short layered haircuts such as bobs, long bobs, and pixie cuts can add texture and volume to thin, lifeless hair.

Adding side-swept bangs can add volume and dimension to your straight hair, whether it’s short or long. However, if you want to keep the length of your hair, you might want to add light layers, which will give you enough texture and volume.

Towel-dry your hair before styling it

Wrap a towel around your hair to remove excess moisture before you blow dry it or use any styling tool for that matter. Blow-dry your tresses starting with the root, then go against the direction where your hair is going to lay. This causes the root to stand straight instead of fall against the scalp, making it more voluminous in appearance.

You may also work in sections. Using a round brush, wrap the shaft to the tips of your locks, then blow dry it while pushing it through. Avoid the roots of your hair so you won’t get rid of the volume you’ve already created.

Change your part

Instead of parting your hair where it falls naturally, switch it up. Do the opposite to create instant hair volume at the crown. For the best results, do this while your tresses are wet. This way, you won’t have to worry about it getting lopsided.

If you want to add height, you should go for a deep side part still on the opposite direction of where your hair naturally falls. Do this with dry locks. Add hairspray every now and then to make sure it holds.

Color your hair

Coloring your locks can give your hair extra volume. Unlike volumizing products, color can penetrate the hair and make the shaft swell. This means you can enjoy thicker hair without the same heaviness that volumizing gels or mousses cause.

With the help of a good hairdresser, you can even use highlights to make your locks appear voluminous. If you aren’t into changing the color of your hair, you can pick a shade that matches your natural hue.

Avoid washing your hair every day

Washing your hair daily strips it of its natural oils, making it look dry and lifeless. If your hair is naturally dry, you should wash it less to maintain its natural oils. Start skipping a day or two if you’ve been washing your locks daily ever since.

Then, on non-shampoo days, put your hair up using a clip or an elastic band before you wear that shower cap. Using the shower cap without the updo can flatten your hair. Make sure to leave the updo in place until you leave the bathroom or else the steam from the shower will undo your hard work.

Switch your hair products

Many of us have naturally good hair volume. Sometimes, the very products that are supposed to give your locks a little oomph end up flattening them. Shampoos and conditioners made with silicone, for example, have plastic-like substances that stick to every strand of hair, making them look flatter.

Such products might work on strong, bouncy hair. However, when applied to fine, flat hair, its coat weighs your hair down instead of volumizing it. To regain your locks’ natural volume, you need to get rid of the wrong products.

Before you switch to new products, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove the silicone-based polymers that are weighing it down.

Use the right volumizing product

If you’re fed up with your fine, flat hair, select the right products that can add volume to your locks. Use products that are ideal for your hair type. Layer them if needed. Use mousse along with a blow-dry spray to give it more body.

It helps if you know which ingredients to avoid. As mentioned, silicone-based polymers such as dimethicone can give your locks the extra shine and luster; however, it can weigh down your hair.

The Moroccan Gold Series has a wide range of haircare must-haves that can nourish, protect, and volumize your hair. From essential oils, treatment masks to styling and finishing creams, it has everything you need to add some oomph to your fine, straight hair.

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