How To Grow Your Hair Out Naturally

How To Grow Your Hair Out Naturally

So you loved your short, sassy style, but now it’s time to go back to those lovely flowing tresses. That’s great, but… Growing your hair is one thing that’s guaranteed to have you, well, tearing your hair out!

So is there anything you can do to speed the process up? Or is it simply a case of letting nature take her (painfully slow) course?

Actually, there’s quite a lot you can do. So, while you might be struggling with the wait, the following are some great tips that’ll help speed up the process.

  • Ditch the dye: OK, not all of it (phew…). But anything that lightens your hair dramatically above your natural shade. Going blonde might look fab in the short term, but the chemicals weaken your hair, damaging the cuticle and drying out the ends. This leads to breakage and that leads to slower growth.

  • Get regular trims: To minimize split ends and breakage, a must-do when growing your hair.

  • Wash your hair 2-3 times per week: With a good quality shampoo that contains no sulfates, parabens, or harsh chemicals. If you’re the kind that likes to wash every day, then reduce this to a couple of times per week so you don’t strip it of its natural oils.

  • Use a boar bristle brush: As these are the best at gently distributing the natural oils throughout the hair. You should also be sure to brush prior to going to bed to help stimulate the scalp, increase circulation, and improve the health of the hair.

  • Eat well: Your hair, quite simply, is a reflection of the nutrition it receives—and this comes via your diet. Eat plenty of protein-rich foods (animal-based, plant-based, or a combination of both), and those packed with vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Use a quality hair mask: Such as one that contains the best quality argan oil, like the gorgeous Moroccan Oil Hair Mask from the Moroccan Gold Series. Using this regularly massively hydrates the hair, helping nourish it from root to tip and promoting healthy, fast growth.

  • When washing, lose the heat: Try to wash your hair in water that’s lukewarm. Too much heat is damaging—but don’t worry, those freezing rinses that used to be recommended are old news, with no scientific proof that they do anything at all (something we can all be thankful for).

  • Invest in a silk pillowcase: Friction builds up when you sleep on cotton or other material, and this can cause cuticle damage that leads to breakage. Sleeping on silk helps prevent this (and makes you feel like a princess in the process).

  • Take care when brushing wet hair: Because this is when it’s at its most fragile. Brush from ends to tip, use a wide-tooth comb or tangle teezer brush, and never, ever pull on any knots.

  • Forget the heat styling products: Or, at the very least, use a good quality heat protectant when blow drying, using a flat iron, or curler.

The most important aspect when growing your hair is to do everything you can to nourish it and keep it in great condition. You should also select all your styling products with care. The Moroccan Gold Series has been specifically formulated and carefully created to feed the hair with the exact ingredients it needs for good health. 

That’s the key to growing your hair out—nutrition, a few tweaks to your regime, and a little patience. And in the meantime, invest in a great hat…!

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