How To Protect Hair Before/After Swimming In The Pool?

How To Protect Hair Before/After Swimming In The Pool?

Love swimming but hate chlorine? You’re certainly not alone. Thankfully, a few strategic steps can effectively prevent the damage it can cause, and yes, that includes colored hair too.

The thing is, chlorine in pools is necessary to destroy harmful germs and bacteria that form in the water. So while it’s good for keeping the water (and therefore you) healthy, it’s not such a friend to your crowning glory. It dries out the shaft, making it brittle, and also destroys the hair’s natural moisturizing agent—sebum. This causes the layers of the hair to breakdown and crack. 

The end result of all this damage is split ends, breakage, and loss of natural shine.

How to Counteract the Harsh Effects of Chlorine on Hair


OK… So your battle against the chemical should be a two-pronged attack that takes place both before and after swimming.

Before you get in the water:


Wear a swimming cap: 

For regular swimmers, this should be a must-do. However, although it keeps a lot of pool water from getting onto the hair, it’s not infallible. For ultimate protection combine with one of the below.

Drench your hair in argan oil:

This wonder product is your hair’s best friend. It’s packed full of hair-conditioning Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids and coats the hair, sealing in the natural sebum so the hair shaft doesn’t come in contact with the chlorine, even when it’s in the water. 

Take a pre-dip shower:

And soak your hair in non-chlorinated water. This is because wet hair is less absorbent, so draws in less of the chlorine molecules when you’re in the pool.


Use a leave-in mask:

There are some specifically formulated for use when swimming, or, once again, choose one rich in argan oil to get the benefits of hair protection and all the advantages this beautifully nourishing natural product brings.


Just as important is your post-swim hair regime:


Wash your hair as soon as you get out:

Use tepid water and a good quality, salt-free shampoo. There are products on the market that claim to get rid of all traces of harmful chemicals but these are harsh in themselves so shouldn’t be used regularly.

Rinse hair in cold water:

After shampooing, rinse in cold water to seal and smooth the cuticles.

Use a nourishing specialist treatment:

Regular swimmers should ensure this is a weekly therapy. Once again, a treatment containing the best quality argan oil will go a long way to ensuring your tresses can cope with the hostile environment of the pool. 

The Moroccan Gold Series is the ideal choice for swimmers thanks to the inclusion of the purest form of argan hair oil (often referred to as Moroccan hair oil) that’s so incredibly beneficial to hair of all types. In particular, the Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask is a great hydrating and fortifying treatment containing not only argan oil, but also oils from avocado, olive fruit, and linseed, along with shea butter too.

For anyone who wants to negate the drying effects of chlorine and ensure their hair remains beautifully soft and shiny, Moroccan Gold’s high-end hair products are the ultimate defense available.

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