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Is Salt Bad for Your Hair?

Is Salt Bad for Your Hair?

Your hair can become dehydrated and dry out from repeated exposure to sodium chloride, the chemical name for salt. Just like how salty foods dehydrate us and make us extra thirsty. Salt in hair products does the same. It strips out the natural oils and moisture in your hair making your hair dry out. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, salt can even cause dryness and itchiness to your scalp in addition to hair loss! Sounds awful, right?! The reason behind this is because salt is osmotic, meaning that it evaporates the moisture from your hair and scalp. This is why finding a salt free shampoo is important for the overall health of your hair and scalp. Moroccan Gold Series has salt free shampoo hair products that are infused with Moroccan argan oil and keratin. This salt-free cleansing formula is rich in antioxidants and protein which actively revives your hair, making your hair soft and shiny. Take better care of your hair by using a salt-free shampoo.

Salt-Free Shampoo Benefits

The benefits of Moroccan Gold Series salt free shampoo are endless. From reviving your hair to color and heat protectant to making your hair into a silky heaven. Argan oil salt free shampoo does it all and is suitable for all hair types. Moroccan Gold Series made this possible by teaming up with chemists to create the perfect blend of ingredients while eliminating the negative elements (chemical-like smells, greasy, or heavy feeling after use) that other hair products caused. This has led to the creation of the very best and high quality, 100% pure argan oil hair products that they are able to offer today. Here are some of Moroccan Gold Series salt-free shampoo benefits:

•    Nourishes and moisturizes hair

•    Restores and repairs dry and damaged hair

•    Prevents frizz

•    Detangles hair

•    Slows aging appearance of hair

•    Prevents scalp dryness

•    Protects hair against heat damage

•    Treats split ends

•    Gives hair a natural shine

•    Softens hair, leaving it smooth, silky, and beautiful


Why YOU Should Use Salt Free Shampoo

If you have curly and frizzy prone hair you should seriously consider changing your shampoo. Salt-based shampoos could be the reason behind your hair being so difficult to tame. Salt lifts the hair cuticle, making it more likely to frizz. Switch to a salt-free shampoo which will prevent your hair from frizzing. No longer let humidity bring havoc to your hair!

If you bleach, color or highlight your hair you should switch your shampoo. Dying your hair can cause your hair to be drier than usual. Salt-based shampoos will dry out your hair even more and strip the new color from your hair. The reason salt strips hair color is because it breaks down the chemicals from the hair dye which causes your hair color to fade. Keep your new hair color intact and use a salt-free shampoo. Salt free shampoo will protect your new hair color and restore your dried out hair.

 If your hair is dry and damaged, you should use salt-free shampoo. Salt-based shampoo dries out your hair since salt strips out your hairs natural oils and moisture. Restore your damaged hair and prevent dryness by switching your shampoo. Salt free shampoo will transform your dry, damaged hair to soft, silky hair.

If your hair is thinning you should change your shampoo. Salt-based shampoo could be thinning your hair and causing breakage. Switch to a Salt-free shampoo that will make your hair strong and improve your hair growth.

If your hair is grease prone. Salt-free shampoo by Moroccan Gold Series was made to suit all hair types. Their ingredients are proven to make your hair light and silky, and not greasy or heavy like other hair products on the market.

If you style your hair with heating tools switch to a salt-free shampoo. Salt-based shampoo will not protect your hair from heat. Salt dries out your hair and when using heating tools your hair will not be able to defend itself!  Moroccan Gold Series salt-free shampoo keeps your natural oils in your hair which keeps your hair protected from heat.

If you recently got a keratin hair treatment then STAY away from salt-based shampoo. Salt-based shampoo will completely take away the benefits of what your keratin treatment did to your hair. Keratin treatments are used to revive and put moisture back into your hair. Using a salt-based shampoo will take that moisture right back out. Stick to a salt-free shampoo to keep your hair moisturized.

Benefits Of The Keratin In Salt-Free Shampoo

Keratin is very beneficial and is a key ingredient in Moroccan Gold Series keratin salt free shampoo. Keratin a protective protein that is derived from the feathers, horns, and wool of animals and then is put into hair products. It has been used in hair products for centuries and has become even more popular to this day. Keratin is also naturally in your hair, your hair fiber is made up of 91% of keratin! It is what protects your hair and keeps it strong. Keratin can be very useful for those with damaged hair, it helps rebuilds your hair by putting back in important nutrients. Theoretically, how keratin works is by flattening down the cells that are on your hair strands. These cells are called the hair cuticle which absorbs the keratin, resulting in hair that is smooth and shiny. This is why keratin is such a beneficial ingredient when it comes to shampoo.

Keratin is also a great heat protection for those who like to style their hair with a straightener or blow dryer. It is even known for improving hair growth and preventing hair from aging. Keratin is the best protective protein for your hair. Switching your shampoo to keratin salt-free shampoo will restore damaged hair and make hair strong and healthy.

Moroccan Gold Series Hair Products

Moroccan Gold Series knows how important having lush, healthy hair is. No one wants hair that looks dry and dull. This is why they highly recommend using salt-free hair products to keep your hair moisturized. Their products contain argan oil, are sulfate-free and enriched with keratin, vitamins, and antioxidants. These ingredients are proven to make your hair feel lighter, healthier and silkier. And besides their keratin and argan oil salt-free shampoo, Moroccan Gold Series offers argan oil serum, volumizing moisture mask, treatment mask, moisturizing style cream, curl cream and a leave-in mask. These products are for different uses such as washing, conditioning, or styling your hair. All these products are salt-free and leave your hair feeling silky. Switch your hair products to salt-free products to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy. Shop now at Moroccan Gold Series for your hair care needs. 

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