The Best Argan Oil Products For Your Hair

The Best Argan Oil Products For Your Hair

Moroccan Argan oil is a blessing in disguise for the beauty industry and has been on the rise for years. It has been referred to as “liquid gold” by the New York Times and has high levels of fatty acids and vitamin E which are very beneficial to the hair and skin. Argan oil grows in the Southwest region of Morocco and is extracted from the nuts that grow on the trees in the area. Since argan oil has a limited growing area and a small local supply, it is one of the rarest oils found in the world. This explains why there is such a small supply for argan oil, yet the demand is through the roof.


There are two ways in which argan oil is extracted and both ways are clean and safe. The first way that the oil is harvested is by picking the argan nuts from the tree itself or finding the nuts under a tree that have fallen. This is the easiest way to collect the argan nut and it usually happens in late July or early August. Workers in Morocco must also check under the argan trees to see if there are any signs of argan nuts. This is because goats are very prominent in Southwest Morocco, and they often climb up into the argan tree to obtain argan nuts. Once the goats have successfully attained the argan nuts, they spit out the nut and just consume the fleshy part of the fruit. This is the main reason why our workers must check under the trees for argan nuts that have been spit out by the goats. Although this may seem unsterile, the kernels are protected in a bulletproof shell and all of the argan nuts must be cleaned thoroughly before the oil is extracted.


How is Argan Oil Made?


Once all of the argan fruits are collected, the first step for producing argan oil is letting the fruits sit in the sun to dry out. There are other techniques for drying the argan fruit out which involves mechanically removing the pulp of the argan fruit which also dries out the nut. It can take up to two days to remove the pulp from the argan fruit which leads to the nut being able to crack. After the nuts have been dried out, the next step is very time consuming and labor extensive. This step involves the workers in Morocco manually extracting the oil from the kernel. In order to extract the oil, some traditional tools are used along with manual labor that breaks down the argan fruit into a sludge-like substance from which the oil is taken from. These traditional tools are similar to the use of a pestle and mortar, which breaks down the argan nuts allowing the oil to start flowing out. Since the oil is being extracted from the sludge-like substance, people then need to filter out this sludge so that the oil is the only thing that is left. After this happens, the workers in Morocco decide which type of treatment the oil works best for. It can be used as a Moroccan argan oil hair treatment, or simply just an argan oil treatment. 


Argan Oil Hair Products


At Moroccan Gold Series we have a large selection of skincare and haircare products that are all enriched with argan oil to make sure you have the best treatment possible. If you are tired of your hair not keeping those tight curls, our curling cream is the perfect product for you. This curling cream is so advanced that it is enriched with antioxidants, argan oil, and keratin. The antioxidants are important for your hair because it is shown to prevent hair loss in addition to keeping your hair healthy and strong. The purpose of our curling cream is to restore your curls all the way from the roots to the ends of your hair. After using the curling cream your hair will have a soft hold but will be filled with moisture that makes your curls look beautiful.


The next product we are going to focus on is our argan oil hair treatment which benefits all different types of hair. This is 100% pure argan oil that works immediately to help your hair look the best it possibly can. This Moroccan hair oil treatment is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin A, and keratin which all have many benefits to your hair. Not only will it repair dry hair and split ends, but it will also protect your hair from any chemicals that have been previously used in your hair. These chemicals may be in some of the ingredients of other shampoos and conditioners but generally, they come from coloring your hair or attempting to bleach your hair. This argan oil hair treatment is different from any other hair product because it soaks into the hair and scalp immediately upon applying it.


If your hair has too much exposure to salt it can be very detrimental to your hair’s health, and leads to your hair becoming dehydrated or simply too dry. Our sulfate free shampoo is here to save the day and is proven to keep your hair more hydrated. This product is also enriched with argan oil and keratin, making your hair root’s more nourished along with your hair being soft and appearing extra shiny. When measuring one’s hair it is often checked for the PH level of the scalp. This shampoo helps neutralize the PH level of your scalp, which results in your hair feeling soft and looking shiny. In order for optimal performance with this shampoo, it is suggested that you massage your scalp with this treatment for about three minutes. If this is done correctly, your hair will look the best it has in years.


Benefits of Using Argan Oil


As mentioned earlier, argan oil has many benefits for your hair and skin mostly because of how enriched the oil is with nutrients and vitamins. Argan oil can be used for many different purposes, but the most important uses are dealing with:


  • Skin Moisturizer

  • Hair Conditioner

  • Anti-Aging


-Argan oil has many benefits to your skin, but the biggest being the moisturizing capabilities of the oil. Argan oil is high in vitamin E and fatty acids which help soften and hydrate the skin. This oil is very easy to apply and absorbs into your skin almost immediately. Unlike most other skin moisturizers, our argan oil products are non-greasy which helps give your skin that natural boost.


-The next benefit of argan oil is that it is used as a hair conditioner. When argan oil is used in hair conditioner, it makes your hair look shinier along with it feeling softer. Many people often run into problems with some conditioners that result in split ends and hair beginning to look dry. However, the argan oil conditioner helps prevent split ends from popping up and also limits how frizzy your hair will get throughout the day.


-Nobody wants their hair or skin to look older than their actual age, which is why argan oil is perfect for making your body look much younger. If you use argan oil as a skin moisturizer it will help with preventing wrinkles from appearing and will also help with restoring the elasticity of your skin, making it feel much softer. In order to see immediate results, it is suggested to rub some argan oil on your face before bed every night and you will soon see your wrinkles start to fade.


Choose Moroccan Gold Series For All Of Your Beauty Needs


At Moroccan Gold Series, our beauty specialists have created a luxury line of products that use argan oil to its fullest potential. Our Moroccan Gold argan oil hair products are considered to be at the top of the line for beauty products and even compete with some of the most luxurious beauty products on the market. Our argan oil treatment is natural, does not smell like chemicals, and is proven to leave your skin and hair looking grease-free. Our team of chemists has developed the perfect blend of hair and skin products while eliminating all of the negative elements that are generally added to beauty products. All of our products are made with 100% argan oil, along with being sulfate-free. In addition to these two very important features, our products are also enriched with keratin, antioxidants, and vitamins which help make your hair not only look better but feel better. Shop at Moroccan Gold Series and see how you can start taking better care of your hair.

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