The Top 7 Signs of Damaged Curly Hair

The Top 7 Signs of Damaged Curly Hair

The Top 7 Signs of Damaged Curly Hair

A healthy head of hair is a great source of pride. But many factors can add up and cause damaged hair. Curly hair, in particular, is more susceptible to breakage because of its structure. The oil from your scalp struggles to navigate through the kinks and curls, which can make your hair strands prone to drying out.

What Causes Hair Damage?

It can be difficult to keep hair healthy and voluminous. Even if you use the best or most appropriate hair care products for your hair type, you may still experience some form of hair damage at some point.

But what causes damaged hair? Common causes include:

  •       Your diet

Believe it or not, your diet can play a big part in determining your hair’s overall condition. Nutrient deficiency may cause your hair to become weak and appear dry or dull. To maintain or get healthy hair, you need to have a balanced diet.

  •       Styling

If you’re constantly using styling tools that produce heat, such as hair dryers or curling irons, then you run the risk of causing more damage, especially to curly hair. Excessive heat can remove moisture from your hair, which can lead to breakage.

  •       Stress

Stress, when left unchecked, can cause hair damage. It may even lead to hair loss. Fortunately, it’s possible to regrow or repair hair that’s been affected by stress.

Other factors that may contribute to damaged hair include:

  •       Genetics
  •       Chemical treatments
  •       Your environment
  •       Thyroid disorders

The 7 Signs of Hair Damage

  1.     Rough texture

One of the telltale signs of hair damage, especially in curly hair, is rough texture, which is indicative of heat damage. To check for damage, try to run your fingers through your hair and determine how it feels. If it feels rough, you can revitalize hair by using hair care products infused with argan oil.

  1.     Presence of dry or split ends

One of the most common signs of hair damage is having dry or split ends, which can be caused by heat damage or excess friction. You can restore your hair’s health by using moisturizing hair care products, or you can opt to trim off the ends.

  1.     Breakage

Curly hair is weaker compared to other hair types because of its structure. If you frequently use heat-emitting styling tools and you begin to notice that your hair easily breaks even with the slightest pull, such as when you’re combing it or running your fingers through it, then you need to do something about it immediately.

Treat yourself to a hair spa day at home and use our argan treatment mask to nourish and fortify each hair strand.

  1.     Undefined curls

Hair damage can cause your curls to lose their volume and definition, making them look frizzy or unkempt. Using spa-quality hair care products can help condition and strengthen your hair to make your curls more manageable.

  1.     Dull-looking hair

Excess heat can rob your hair of moisture and can make it look dull. Bring back the shine and vitality to your hair with the help of our specially formulated luxury hair products.

  1.     Loss of elasticity

Healthy curly hair should be bouncy. An indication of hair damage is its lack of elasticity, which can affect your curls’ shrinkage. Yes, shrinkage is a normal occurrence when it comes to curly hair and shows that your hair is strong and healthy. Restore your hair’s elasticity and bounce by using a deep conditioning treatment that’s infused with argan oil for moisture and protection.

  1.     Hair tangles easily

Is it taking you too long to detangle your curls? Has your hair become more prone to matting? If you’ve noticed that it has become harder for you to detangle your curls or if you’re more prone to tangles lately, then you might have damaged hair.

Treating Damaged Curly Hair

The good news is you can repair damaged curly hair, even without getting a haircut! Here are some of our favorite hair care tips:

  •       Bring moisture back into your hair by using hair care products, such as hair masks and treatments, that are rich in moisturizers. Look for products that have Shea butter or argan oil, which conditions and nourishes damaged hair. Our luxury hair care products are infused with argan oil that can help prevent hair damage by protecting hair against breakage and dryness, giving you beautiful and silky hair that’s full of life.
  •       Avoid sun damage by using an umbrella or a hat when going outside.
  •       Adopt a healthier diet. Make sure you get plenty of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D.
  •       Refrain from frequently using heat stylers.
  •       Incorporate hair-friendly products into your regimen. Avoid products that have ingredients such as sulfates or silicones. Choose products that use pure and natural ingredients. Each bottle of our luxury hair care products are infused with keratin, vitamins, and nutrients that breathe life back into damaged hair.

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