What Does Argan Oil Do for Your Hair?

What Does Argan Oil Do for Your Hair?


Argan oil is famous for how well it can treat your hair. It took the world of hair care and beauty by storm when it was first introduced thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties and abundance of vitamin E, among many other benefits.

It’s safe and proven to be effective through years of use by people all over the globe. While argan oil can be seen in many hair care products, what exactly can it offer your hair? 

If you’re feeling a little skeptical or if you simply want to learn more, then here’s everything you need to know about argan oil and how it can make your hair look and feel healthy after every use. 

What is Argan Oil?
Made from the seeds of argan trees in Morocco, this aromatic oil is used in a variety of culinary, skincare and hair care applications. There are even records that indicate the usage of this oil as far back as 1550 B.C. 

Argan oil shampoo, for example, contains essential nutrients like Omega-6 and high amounts of Vitamin E that can improve hair health, helping it grow thick and healthy. 

Argan oil also contains oleic acid that can be used to prevent damage from the sun, moisturize your skin, treat acne, and reduce inflammation, just to name a few. 

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

Argan oil can do wonders for your hair thanks to its chemical composition, providing the following advantages to your tresses.

Removes Frizz

Argan oil can remove frizz and restore your hair’s smoothness thanks to its moisturizing properties. The oleic and linoleic acid in argan oil also help keep your hair hydrated throughout the day, further improving its resistance to frizzing.  

Can prevent UV Ray Damage

Argan oil can add an extra layer of UV ray protection to your hair that doesn’t interfere with your skin or hair’s health. While it won’t completely negate the effects of the sun’s rays, the application of argan oil to your hair can help minimize damage.

Keeps Your Scalp Healthy

Because of its natural benefits for skin, argan oil can also be very healthy for your scalp. It’s filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that can prevent free radicals and other pollutants from damaging your hair and scalp, and it can even help restore damage caused by artificial hair treatment.

Revitalizes Dry Hair

The antioxidants, fatty acids and high amounts of Vitamin E in argan oil can also help restore your hair’s natural shine. They can increase your hair’s elasticity as well as provide more body and volume, slowing down the signs of aging in hair. 

How to Identify Pure Argan Oil

Purity plays a significant role in the effectiveness of argan oil. Here are some signs that you should always look out for:


Pure or authentic argan oil normally has a deep, yellow-golden color, which partly gives it its “liquid gold” nickname. Pale-colored argan oil usually indicates it’s diluted with another substance. Meanwhile, if argan oil is darker or brown in color, then it is most likely culinary-grade and is strictly for food only. 


Pure argan oil that has a thicker viscosity that isn’t too slippery. Light-feeling argan oil is usually diluted with other oils which can degrade the benefits you can reap from it.


One way to tell if an argan oil product is pure is by its smell. Pure argan oil will retain its signature mild, nutty scent while diluted oils will have a weaker or much different smell altogether. Additionally, stay clear of odorless argan oils as the deodorization process can completely strip it of substantial health benefits. 

The Gold Standard 

The Moroccan Gold Series understands the true value of this precious resource and takes the guesswork out of determining argan oil quality, dedicated as we are to upholding the gold standard of hair care. We aim to provide only the purest argan oil products, sourcing it 100% pure from argan trees grown in the Sous Valley in Morocco. We maintain the benefits of this oil through strictly traditional methods of extraction, and give you a formula enriched with shea butter, keratin and olive oil that can deliver incredible results for all types of hair. 

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