Which Is The Best Shampoo For Oily Scalp With Dry Hair?

Which Is The Best Shampoo For Oily Scalp With Dry Hair?

Which Is The Best Shampoo For Oily Scalp With Dry Hair? 

Aaargh! Is the combination of dry hair and an oily scalp the most difficult to successfully combat? If this is you, then we think you’ll agree that it’s up there with one of the worst kinds. Most shampoos either cause excessive drying of the hair itself or too much moisture that just encourages the oiliness from the scalp. You just can’t seem to win.

Or can you?

Read on to discover the magical solution to the beautiful hair you desperately crave.

The Miracle of Argan Oil and the Biggest Enemy to Luscious Locks 

  •     Argan oil and Moroccan shampoo
  •     The nasty truth about salt-free labels
  •     What is the best argan shampoo?

Argan oil and Moroccan shampoo

One of the best ways to get that longed-for kissable soft hair is through the regular use of argan oil. These are either labeled as argan oil shampoo or Moroccan oil shampoo. However, not all hair care products labeled thus are of equal quality.  

To understand why this is, we first need to know a little about the oil itself, which comes from the tree of the same name that grows in southwestern Morocco. It’s produced by compressing the kernels of the nuts of the tree. 

However… And here’s the rub. For a product to state that it contains argan oil it only needs to contain trace elements. So those of a lower quality are highly likely to not contain enough to make a difference—especially to a problem combination such as dry hair and an oily scalp.

The key to ensuring that your chosen shampoo contains a high percentage of argan oil is to read the ingredients on the label. The nearer to the top the mention of the oil, the more it contains (as ingredients are listed in descending order of quantity)

The nasty truth about salt-free labels 

Then there’s the subject of salt. It doesn’t take much effort to realize that you don’t want to be putting salt on your hair—to do so would only succeed in drying out your hair even more. But manufacturers are sneaky. They use terms such as salt-free or sodium-free, but this might not mean that the shampoo is genuinely free from salt.

The chemical name for salt is sodium chloride. To ensure that your chosen shampoo doesn’t contain this arch-enemy for hair you need to, once again, scour the ingredient label.

Any mention of the words sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) means that there is salt in the solution. So put that back on the shelf and continue your search for a decent shampoo.

What is the best argan shampoo?

The best argan shampoo is that which contains the highest grade of argan oil (sometimes referred to as simply Moroccan oil), as well as a combination of other pure ingredients that provide the hair with the nutrients and antioxidants it needs for great health. Looking once again at the ingredients, the argan content needs to appear near the beginning of the list (you’ll probably find water at the top, as this is the usual medium in which all the contents are suspended.

Other good products that might be found in a best argan shampoo mix include oils from various other sources. These might include shea butter, olive oil, linseed oil, macadamia oil, and wheat germ oil. It’s also good to see keratin in the mix as well, as this is one of the main components that make up hair. 

Treat Your Hair With the Ultimate Salt-Free Shampoo from the Moroccan Gold Series

Choosing the best shampoo for an oily scalp with dry hair is no longer a drama, thanks to the wonderful Argan Salt-Free Shampoo from Moroccan Gold. Perfectly formulated, it gently cleanses your hair from the scalp to the tip while balancing the pH level of the scalp and moisturizing the hair shaft as it does so. 

Forget the average effects of many other over-hyped hair care products. Visit https://moroccangoldseries.comand start your journey to touchable beautiful, healthy hair today.

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