Benefits of a Hair Mask

Benefits of a Hair Mask

Hair Repair in A Matter of Minutes

Busy gals need hair care solutions that are easy and reliable. Most drugstore conditioners leave your tresses frizzy and clumpy without addressing the root cause of hair problems. They are just not enough. Our hair mask is perfect if you want to get your hair bouncier, shinier, and overall healthier! 

Moroccan Gold Series presents premium hair mask options. We have formulated our hair masks to restore hydration right down to the roots and the follicles of your hair, penetrating the deep layers to address hair concerns. 

If your hair needs a much-needed boost, choose from our selection of Argan Oil and Black Truffle Oil hair masks.

Choose Hair Mask Instead of Conditioner

Hair masks work like typical conditioners we pick up at the drugstore, but they're stronger and provide longer-lasting results. While conditioners typically need only a few minutes of leave-on time before rinsing, a hair mask should stay on for about 30 minutes. 

The process is longer, but your hair enjoys a rich, deep conditioning treatment. The payoff is incomparable; you are restoring shine and luster in your locks in under an hour. Hair mask treatment is perfectly doable at home or your trusted salon.

With our hair mask formulations, you can deal with dryness, dullness, breakage, and scalp sensitivity right away. Our hair experts recommend using a hair mask once a week, twice a month, or once a month, depending on your hair needs. 

Argan Oil Hair Mask

Moroccan Gold Series creates the best Argan Oil hair mask treatment. Argan Oil is a luxe beauty ingredient that has become the gold standard in hair care. What makes Argan Oil stand out? It is a powerful humectant, locking in moisture inside the scalp. 

Argan Oil is full of healing and nourishing antioxidants. Vitamin E helps maintain hair elasticity and bounce and can make strands stronger and less prone to breakage. Essential fatty acids combat dandruff and scalp irritations, keeping your tresses as smooth and vibrant as can be.

Compared to other types of oil, Argan Oil is better because of its smaller molecular size. Hence, it is more effective in deeply nourishing your scalp and hair cuticles.  

Truffle Oil Hair Mask

Moroccan Gold Series introduces the world's first Black Truffle Oil hair care collection. Black Truffle Oil sourced from the renowned Perigord region of France provides relief for dry, damaged, and color-treated hair. 

Our Black Truffle Oil hair mask is a deep conditioning formula that can effectively promote hair growth. We take great care in using naturally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. 

Our proprietary hair technology uses the Black Truffle Oil as microcapsules. These tiny capsules go straight into your scalp and follicles, releasing nourishing antioxidants like Vitamins A, E, and D and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Black Truffle Oil promotes natural shine and brings back vitality to your tresses. We have also infused the mask with active ingredients such as shea butter, keratin, and linseed oil to further lock in moisture in each hair strand.

Finest Hair Mask Choices Here

Moroccan Gold Series showcases the finest ingredients for your hair care needs. Premium hair treatment is no longer limited to an expensive salon trip. Our hair mask products are tried and tested to bring results for a fraction of the time you'd need. 

We bring science-based technology to address hair problems across hair types. No matter if your hair is thick, thin, frizzy, or fine, we have considered what type of hydration and nutrient replenishment can revitalize the scalp and locks. 

Repair and nourish your hair with our Argan Oil and Black Truffle Oil hair masks.

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