How to select texturing and volumizing hair products

How to select texturing and volumizing hair products


Not everyone can achieve perfect hair, but it certainly helps to give your hair the best possible care. This can include trips to the salon as well as the application of appropriate hair care products like conditioner, masks, oils, and more. 

However, which styling aids actually work? The wide variety of products available for hair care makes it difficult to settle on a single option, but it helps to first know your hair type before purchasing any volumizing or texturizing hair products.

Determining Your Hair Type

Identifying your hair type lets you determine which volumizing hair products will be most effective for your hair. Using the wrong products can cause bad hair days, or lasting damage at worst. You can put an end to bad hair days for good by using products that target your specific hair type. Consider the four distinguishing characteristics of your hair:


Hair texture is typically classified as fine, medium, or thick. It can modify how your hair responds to styling products and how well it holds its shape. If you have fine hair, your aim is to make your hair appear thicker. It doesn't take much to achieve this; using the appropriate fine hair shampoo, weightless conditioner, and hair mask will yield results. 

Avoid anything creamy or rich because they can also weigh the hair down. Stay away from products that contain dimethicone or behentrimonium methosulfate because they are too heavy and will make your hair greasy right away. Reduce styling products as well and opt for lightweight, minimally firming products. 

 If you have medium-length hair, a shampoo designed for normal hair will do; you do not need to take special care of this type of hair. Additionally, a daily shampoo or a shampoo and conditioner combination is ideal for your hair type. You occasionally have the option to treat your hair to an intensive treatment or hair mask in addition to shampoo and conditioner.

Those with coarse hair will benefit greatly from using more moisturizing products. Extra hydrating shampoos, nourishing conditioners, and hair masks with loads of texture are great due to their high fatty acid content. Products for smoothing and taming frizz are also appropriate.

Oiliness or Dryness of Scalp

A healthy scalp is undeniably essential to healthy hair, making it important to take care of your scalp. Oily hair should be washed with oil-fighting shampoo, a lightweight conditioner, and a tonic for the oiliness. Shampoos and conditioners marketed as moisturizing, nourishing, and smoothing should be avoided due to their already oily consistency. The use of dry shampoo can also help you deal with oily hair.

Dry scalp can be fixed by using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners for dry hair. And since heat can be very damaging to hair, the less heat you can use on your strands daily, the better. Use a thermal protector to help retain moisture if you must use a hot tool.


Porosity refers to the hair’s capacity to take in liquids. If your hair is dry, brittle, and tends to frizz or tangle, it likely has high porosity. High porosity hair will benefit from products that can replenish and lock in moisture, such as options that are rich in proteins like keratin or oils. The gentlest way to wash dry, damaged hair is with a clarifying and moisturizing shampoo, a deep condition with creamy conditioner, and a cold or lukewarm rinse. 

Hair with low porosity makes it difficult for this hair type to get moisturized and needs cleansing shampoos with warm water to properly remove product buildup and deposits. Keratin and other protein treatments wouldn’t work well for low porosity hair as it pulls moisture away from your hair. Occasionally, use hair masks and treatments (e.g., once in 14 days) to moisturize. Furthermore, products with a creamy or oily consistency should be avoided in favor of those with a lighter formula to avoid increased build-up.

Texturizing and Volumizing Hair Products for Healthy Hair

Knowing the type of hair that you have, whether it’s fine, thick, oily, or dry, is important when it comes to choosing the right hair care products for texture and volume. 

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