The best fall hair color trends to try this year

The best fall hair color trends to try this year

Summer’s out, and the colder months are upon us. With pumpkin spice, red orange hues, and the cool and crisp autumn breeze all around—fall is definitely here, and with it are some hot fall hair trends that have gotten us all excited for this season.

Whether you want a whole new look for fall to say goodbye to summer, or simply want to try something subtle, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled eight of the best fall hair trends that we are loving this 2022, from the hottest colors to the trendiest cuts.

Face-framing Highlights

After months of summer sun exposure, your hair might be dying for a dye. That’s why fall is an excellent time to change your hair color. If you’re looking to spice up your color sans a dramatic change, you can go for soft, face-framing highlights. Shades of caramel and honey are this year’s in-demand highlight colors. 

A popular fall hair trend now is the Balayage technique, a coloring process that achieves more natural, sun-kissed colors. A bonus: Balayage doesn’t normally reach your roots, so this would be perfect if you want a low-maintenance look that won’t require a trip to the salon every few weeks.

Shadow roots

Speaking of natural roots, the shadow root is actually a hair trend that was seen at the Versace fashion show. Shadow roots are like grown-out hair, but much more stylish and intentional. Done right, a shadow root can give a subtle yet beautiful contrast in your hair, adding dimension to your hairstyle. 

Bold and bright hair color

From Billie Eilish’s blue hair, Kim Kardashian’s pearl blonde bob, and Lizzo’s pink coif, hair color that grabs everyone’s attention is the trend for fall. You can take a cue from Billie Eilish’s cool blue hue or go with fall colors like Winnie Harlow’s crimson shade to match this season. But if you really want to be on trend, copper tones are hot colors this year.

Not yet ready to go all out with a bold new color? Try an ombré style for a different but still interesting approach. Or you can go with the next trend on our list…

Dip-dyed ends

Another interesting take on coloring your hair, dip-dyed ends are fast becoming a fall hair trend. This look involves coloring just the ends of your hair, which is great if you’re still hesitant about an all-over hair color. Try gray or ash to achieve an iced ends look. The great thing about dip-dyed ends is you can easily chop it off if you no longer like it or if you want a new color. 

Deep brown and black hair color

If you prefer dark tones to bright colors, deep browns are a favorite among the fall hair trends this season. The solid, deep brown hue bordering on black is a perfect complement to the autumn season. It gives you a dramatic and alluring look. You can also try going for a blue-black shade ala Jasmine Tookes for an additional oomph to dark hair without bleaching. 

Strawberry blonde color

Feeling more blonde than brunette? A hot fall hair color trend for blondes this year is going strawberry blonde. The warm reddish shade is a nice touch for the cool season while simultaneously harmonizing with the earthy tones of fall. It’s blonde without being too Barbie, but still strawberry sweet and sultry.

Curtain bangs

The versatility of curtain bangs make it a popular choice this season. It’s subtle enough for those who prefer to stay away from dramatic cuts, but it can still transform your look from summer to fall. Go for wispy curtain bangs for a flirty look. If you find it a bit difficult to keep your curtain bangs looking just the way you want it, some stylists recommend hair mousse on damp hair before styling.

Beach waves

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean beach waves are out of style. For those with straight hair, adding some waves gives hair a nice texture and transforms your look without compromising the length. Don’t forget to spritz on some texturizing spray to give it extra life.

Hair products to complement your style

Don’t be afraid to change things up and try one of these fall hair trends. A natural look is beautiful, but sometimes we’d want to try something new. The right hair color and hairstyle can give us a boost of confidence. And when it comes to your hairstyle, the hair products you use can either enhance or ruin it. 

Don’t let your beautiful hair color fade or turn brassy with the wrong product. Luckily, Moroccan Gold Series hair products revitalize, strengthen, and protect your hair from potential damage caused by heat treatments and dyes. Browse through our collection and check out shampoos, hair masks, and other hair treatments specially formulated for colored and treated hair. Your hair will look great and stay healthy for the whole season.

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