Tips to grow your hair out fast

Tips to grow your hair out fast

Want to Grow Your Hair Out Fast? Here's What You Should Do!

Meta description:  Growing out your hair can be frustrating, but don’t fret! These tips will help you achieve the long and strong hair that you’ve always dreamed of.

Long, luscious locks are lovely, but it takes a lot of effort to grow long hair. Unless you’re happy to settle with hair extensions, you must endure the painstaking process of growing out your natural hair. This requires lots of patience and willpower, plus considerable effort to boost the process.

Growing out your hair and making sure that it’s thicker and longer is like playing an endless waiting game. Hair does grow longer on its own, but there may be instances that you will feel that the growth is stunted. If you want to speed up the process, here are the things you can do to have long and strong hair.

Get Regular Trims

Getting a haircut while trying to grow your tresses out may sound counter-productive, but a trusted and experienced hair stylist will tell you that getting frequent trims is necessary for healthy hair. Sure, the trims will make your hair a tad shorter, but they also eliminate the split ends that break your hair. 

Split ends break and will lead to you losing hair length. They will make your hair less shiny, smooth, and volumized. A trim will get rid of the breakage and make your hair appear to grow faster.

Shampoo Less

Your shampoo habits influence your hair growth and hair health in general. Shampooing too often prevents your natural oils from penetrating your hair, which means your hair won’t be able to hydrate and repair itself. The type of shampoo also makes a difference. Choose ones that are labeled thickening or volumizing, which are made to make hair get stronger. 

What you should do instead is to increase your hair’s hydration by using deep conditioners or hair masks. These will protect your hair from damage and detangle it as well. When it comes to hair masks, you can slather it on your hair once a week, making sure to massage it through your tresses from root to tip.

Specialty hair products such as the ones from the Moroccan Gold Series collection are just what your hair needs. They are designed to strengthen all hair types and make your tresses as soft and vibrant as ever.

Avoid Bleaching

Yes, platinum hair is so hot and chic, but you better think twice about reaching for that bleach if you're trying to grow out your hair. Bleach can damage the hair, and the cuticle of your hair is at stake, too—it can lead to split ends. It’s best to keep chemical treatments to a minimum if you’re dead set on growing long and strong hair.

Avoid Too Much Heat Styling

Over-styling your hair, especially when you use heating tools, can damage your hair. Avoid breakage and frizz by decreasing the temperature of your tool. Also, use a heat protectant whenever you style your tresses. 

Use Cool Water to Wash Hair

Hot showers feel so nice, but those can dehydrate your skin and damage your hair. It pays to turn the water temperature down when showering, especially when rinsing your hair. While you’re at it, make sure to massage your scalp with your fingers when you’re shampooing for deep cleaning and to boost blood circulation.

Use a Silk Pillowcase

Have you heard the thing about silk being better for your facial skin when you sleep? The same applies to your hair. Silk is supposedly easier on the hair since it helps avoid tangles and breakage. Remember, the less breakage, the longer and stronger your hair will be. 

Now is the perfect time to go all out in pampering your hair. The healthier your tresses, the faster they will grow and the stronger they will get. Don’t think twice about treating yourself to luxury hair care products that are specially formulated to repair dry, damaged, and chemically-treated hair. 

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